Precision Handgun

The fundamentals of marksmanship are not trained to a high enough standard in modern defensive pistol craft. The idea of “Tactical Marksmanship” has crept in to all aspects of handgun training and allowed the shooter to have a sub-standard ability in actually hitting what they are aiming at.

Learning how to more effectively  interface with your pistol, practicing those lessons on difficult targets and then speeding up the newly refined skills, becoming a more confident shooter and concealed carry permit holder.

This class is designed to damage your ego so that you can grow. You will need to check all your BS at the gate if you want to learn to perform to a much higher standard than you are right now.

Class Requirements:

  • Semi Automatic Centerfire Pistol
    • This is not a revolver class. See class descriptions and schedule.
  • At least 3 Magazines for a pistol with 10 or more capacity. 5 for anything less
  • 300 Rounds of high quality full metal jacket range/training ammunition. More is better.
    • Inexpensive options such as any factory reloads, Winchester White Box, Blazer Aluminum, etc should be avoided
  • A strong side holster and a support side magazine pouch. (The Serpa line of holsters are not allowed).
  • Hearing and Eye Protection (electronic ear protection is recommended)
  • No Refunds. We shoot in the heat, the cold, the rain and snow. If you have to cancel we will transfer your tuition to another date. A second cancellation will result in forfeiture of your tuition.

8 Hours – 300 Rounds – $125.00

$10 Range fee paid on the day of training.


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