Fighting Handgun Acceleration

Fighting Handgun Acceleration focuses on gun-handling, building speed, confined area fighting, ground fighting and movement techniques. Class pace is accelerated and students are expected to have a high level of comprehension and quality equipment prior to attending this class.

Successful completion of Fighting Handgun Refinements is a firm pre-requisite and you will need to prove your competency during the FBI Qualification Course. Shot cold, immediately after the class introduction and safety/medical brief .

I will not hold up training of the class to teach you what you should already know prior to attending this class. If you cannot perform you will be asked to forego training till you can re-attend a lower level class. The standard is a 90% on the FBI Qualification standards with clean gun-handling and inside of time limits. 

  • Safety/Medical Briefing
  • Daily Preparation/Best Practices
  • Balancing Speed and Accuracy
  • Multiple Target Engagement
  • Strong and Support Hand Gun-Handling/Malfunction Reductions
  • Positions of disadvantage
  • Shooting While Moving
  • Moving to Shoot
  • Rapid Movement
  • Regaining the advantage from the Ground
  • Use of Cover
  • Working Within and Around Vehicles
  • Two Man Team Skills
  • Stress Drills

Class Requirements:

  • Semi Automatic Centerfire Pistol (No Rimfire Pistols)
    • This is not a revolver class. See class descriptions and schedule.
  • At least 8 Magazines for a pistol with 10 or more capacity. Double that for anything less
  • 800 Rounds of quality full metal jacket range/training ammunition. More is better.
  • A strong side holster and a support side magazine pouch. (The Serpa line of holsters are not allowed).
  • Hearing and Eye Protection (electronic ear protection is recommended)
  • No Refunds. We shoot in the heat, the cold, the rain and snow. If you have to cancel we will transfer your tuition to another date. A second cancellation will result in forfeiture of your tuition.

10 hours – 800 Rounds – $200

$10 Range Fee paid day of class

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