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Critical Carry is dedicated to providing relevant and current information regarding firearms training and use. With ever evolving techniques, tactics and procedures no two classes will be exactly the same and student’s individual needs and goals will not be ignored. Course curriculum is layered so that the student will build skill seamlessly. Personal development and skills maintenance protocols for post class practice are also provided throughout the training day to help the student maintain the skills learned during the training.


Demonstrating the Outdated “Speed Rock” Technique during a Fighting Handgun Essentials class.

Rob Tackett

In 2015 I founded Critical Carry Firearms Training as South West Virginia’s premier firearms training instruction. Early in 2015 the decision was made to leave my position as Lead Instructor at a internationally recognized shooting school and pursue a solo career closer to home focusing on the needs of the shooters in this area.

Teaching shooters how to use a vehicle as cover during a HG1 at PFT. Pat Goodale standing overwatch.

My Career started in 1990 when I joined the United States Marine Corps and serving until 1996 as a Combat Engineer. In 1997 I became an apprentice instructor with the firearms training industry icon Pat Goodale (PFT) and after the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001 moved to the Hampton Roads area and worked as a lead instructor for a civilian military contractor. During this time I worked with many thousands of sailors on weapons use and close quarters battle applications for their new focus in better shipboard/base security.

Sub-Sailors in Groton, CT receiving instruction on the M4 Rifle

This led the way for me to work with many of the Hampton Roads LE agencies, even writing and teaching the first Tactical Rifle Program for the VA DCJS. In 2004 I deployed overseas and worked in various security, training and support positions as a military contractor working with other civilians, US Military and Foreign Military units alike. Returning in late 2009 to start a family and I went back to work as the Senior Instructor for Pat Goodale where I continued to hone my instructional methods.

SWAT Instructors in Hampton Roads attending 2 Day Tactical Rifle in 2003


To this day I continue to train in various disciplines with a goal of 125 hours or more per year as a student along with 10-15 hours per week in focused study/range time. As such my programs are under constant scrutiny and I don’t get caught in the institutional inertia that plagues so many schools and organizations.

As your instructor I take a great deal of pride in making sure you are as prepared as I can make you for what lies ahead. I’m brutally honest and I will demand that you work towards our mutual goals during class.

I look forward to training with you soon.

Train Hard, Train Smart

No More Days Off,

Rob Tackett